One Life. Live It.

noregretsBLLife is too short. It’s an expression we hear often. It hit home this week. The passing of Liz, my wife’s mother, stole – from Liz herself, from Anne-Marie, from our kids and from all of her loved one – years of happiness.

Shattered dreams. What should have been a great summer – a great year – stained forever. Lives changed irrevocably. Those words – what should have been – but wasn’t. It’s a lesson I don’t want to forget. You cannot bank the future – only the present moment. We all pass away at some stage. And when Liz passed, I’m sure it was with memories banked during her time with all of us – and not with thoughts of what might have been.

When we pass from this physical life, none of us wants to have regrets.

Here are 12 things I won’t regret…

  1. Being enough – being happy with who I am
  2. Showing up and living in the moment
  3. Having fun along the way
  4. Loving my family enough
  5. Valuing my friendships
  6. Doing things that mean something to me and others
  7. Being over doing
  8. Contributing to the people and the world around me
  9. Being adventurous, trying new things and places
  10. Being curious to always learn
  11. Looking after myself – mind, body and soul
  12. Deciding what matters and discarding the rest

I remember these using the acronym MARCH – Meaning, Awe, Relationships, Contribution and Health. In memory of Liz, I will march forward – one foot in front of the other – banking the memories until the Point of No Regrets.

3 thoughts on “One Life. Live It.

  1. John Slevin Reply

    Every day we wake up is a good day, only some days are better than others!
    We need to constantly remind ourselves that we have no hold on the future and can only live for today! Losing a parent, family member or friend is always tough, especially if the death is premature. However, we need to celebrate the life of the deceased and console ourselves in our moments of dark grief, with the memories of happier times when we were all together enjoying the gift of life.

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