A New Dawn in Ireland


Here begins our next epic. After 16 (one six) years in Sydney we have returned to our third mother, Ireland.

Here also begins a journal to accompany the experience. I am writing it for two reasons. The first is for those people, particularly Irish emigrants, who expressed surprise but also a deep curiosity about our decision to return home after so long, and the reasons behind it.

The second is selfish. I think this next stage of living – for that is what this really is, grasping the nettle – will bring us joy and challenge in equal measure. And I am an equal mix of excitement and fear. So, writing is therapy. By writing, I am forced to express my current fears and face them. I will also, I hope, consider the challenges ahead – and be more equipped to deal with them. My wife and kids will contribute when they want to – and we hope this will being us all closer and enable us together to embrace an opportunity that an unfortunate many don’t get to experience. We have chosen the country we want to live in. Every day I am grateful for that.

So how will this blog work? The frequency will be erratic, with periods of intense activity and then total radio silence, a fitting parallel to the experience itself. I expect the tone will be unpredictable, with ups and downs along the way. But the writing will be as honest as I can make it.

For those seeking an answer, I don’t expect it will provide one. But maybe it will prompt the right questions. For those expecting a list of pros and cons, I don’t expect it will provide that either. I’m sure comparisons with our old home will naturally emerge. But this above all is intended to be our story, a written record of our real experience and some of the feelings as we live through them.

Feel free to ask questions or contribute in any way as it will help us both! See you next time when I will write more about The Decision.

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