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Sept 26th, 2017

Every day is a blank canvas to paint.

Sept 19th, 2017

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Newstalk September 25th 2017

Talking about Ireland, returning and whether it is a ‘land of opportunity’.

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James Parnell spent 16 years as an emigrant in Australia. His three children were born there, but now they have moved back to Ireland and they are facing into their first Irish Christmas. He’s been writing a column about the big move for the Irish Times. Ariana Dunne was away from home also, but not so far – she lived in London for four and a half years and is back living and working in Dublin. James and Ariana, returned emigrants both, joined us in studio.


James Parnell spent 16 years living in Sydney. Since returning to Ireland he has been running his own business, the Wellbeing Gym. He has found that the cost of car insurance in particular has been very high. 

James says that it can be difficult for emigrants to adjust to being back home again, especially in terms of picking up relationships where you left off. His advice to anyone considering a long-term return to Ireland is to “spend time thinking about it, what makes you happy and what your goals are.”

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