No Rush

Credit: Andre Corvin Photography

Can the honk of a car horn represent an emotion? This morning, I think I detected anger. Followed by the ‘two hands of dismay’ from a cyclist. Impatience is returning. The rush.

I’ve enjoyed ‘The Pause’. Forced, finally, to slow to a more natural pace. — Because I couldn’t quite master it.

I’m no longer in a rush. Enjoying the stillness while I can.

But soon I’ll need to endeavour more, amidst emerging counter-signals, to maintain a pace attuned to body and mind. To resist the ‘usual’ external triggers and expectations. But let’s not pretend that what’s every day is normal.

I’m in no rush to return to relentlessness. To busyness as a badge.

No rush to mindless consumerism — buying more of what others advise I need. When it’s clear now — if it ever wasn’t — that I don’t need it.

No rush to seek satisfaction from new things, notwithstanding the dopamine rush and thousands of years of evolutionary design. No rush to unsustainable growth.

No rush to achieve goals, to try to live up to other’s expectations. But plenty of motivation to keep promises to myself.

No rush for unconsciousness to overwhelm consciousness.

No rush to rush hour. To all-consuming work. To deadlines.

When a lifeline has been offered, I’m holding on for dear life.

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