Moments from Agile Australia 2015

If you ever think you have nailed agile then go along to Agile Australia. The 2015 event served up an entree of myth-busting, a main course of continuous learning, all topped off – most appetisingly – with a takeaway dessert of renewed purpose from a group of inspirational speakers.
Below are my pick of the talks in the form of awards named after various films, characters or bands. I don’t know why! These were just some of the talks I was lucky enough to attend. I’m sure I missed other great ones.

  1. The Hunt for Red October award for best defection goes to…David Marquet for a fascinating insight into life as a Nuclear Submarine Captain and how he learned the value of Intent-based Leadership. More on this shortly!
  2. The Frozen award for letting it go… Irene Au for demonstrating how Simplicity by Design can reduce stress levels and enhance health! More on this shortly!
  3. The Pursuit of Happyness award for motivation goes to…David Mole for demonstrating why traditional reward/punish management methods do not work and how to introduce Pink’s Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose to the work environment.
  4. The Genesis award for co-creation goes to…Nigel Manning & Eric Mattlin for demonstrating how The Experiment of co-creation with customers can enhance your relationship, delight your customer and make revenue!
  5. The David Marquet award for turning the ship around goes to…Richard Edwards for steering the UK government digital services oil tanker building on Estonian ideas and becoming agile on a large scale.
  6. The Jack Sparrow award for sneaky tricks to get people on board (pun intended) goes to…Linda Rising for tips on how to convince smart irrational people using no logic whatsoever. More on this shortly!
  7. The Back to the Future award for seeing beyond agile goes to… Erwin van der Koogh for demonstrating what it takes to succeed as a company in the 21st century using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Organisations. More on this shortly!
  8. And finally, the Gladiator award for being in the arena goes to…all of you speakers who had the courage to share your experience and ideas with us, the lucky attendees. Thank you all!

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