Explored your roots lately?

Imagine yourself as a tree in the midst of a storm. The strongest of trees have an unseen network of roots that anchor them firmly in place no matter the weather. But, importantly, those trees also bend in the wind, to avoid breaking. Those roots have grown slowly, invisibly over time from the seeds that fell on the ground.

I like working with people to put order on chaos. By helping them to know what they want, where they belong and where to plant their seeds. Then to stand strong and reach for the skies. As the branches seek the sun so the roots take a stronger hold in the soil.

But it’s important for us to understand that we cannot avoid storms. There is chaos we cannot put order on. That’s life comes at us, carving our character. It’s OK not to reach for the sky – to hunker down for safety. As long as we come out again when the storm abates. Our roots will be stronger for it. We cannot put order on all of life, only the parts we control. For the rest, learn to bend in the wind, to be flexible and hope for the best. Embrace the chaos and serendipity. Accept that it happens – that bad days are OK as long as they don’t become a habit.

A tree with strong roots can withstand the most violent storm. But the tree cannot grow roots just as the storm appears on the horizon. – Dalai Lama

I woke this morning myself not feeling too motivated. I did my usual journal and positive thinking but still didn’t feel much energy or order. But underneath, the roots are reinforced with resolve and with gratitude nurtured over time. So I’ve still a gritty determination to be proactive today – and this article is the start of it.

Have a good day!

What do you do on the tough days when you’re not motivated or chaos surrounds you?

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