What is the NEW DAWN Programme?

The NEW DAWN Programme is the easiest path through the five phases in the journey of Emigration. You will be guided through each of the following phases of Your Next Big Move:

  1. 01 Decide – discover yourself, what matters to you and whether the move is right
  2. 02 Planthink, anticipate and plan everything that you can and mentally prepare for what you can’t!
  3. 03 Move – Get the checklists you need to actually move!
  4. 04 Settle – All you need to settle – it’s not just logistics, it’s support and emotions!
  5. 05 Embed – Tips and techniques to design the life you dream about – where you end up!

Each section we’ll focus on a different phase of the journey. Each lecture will focus on a different topic or item to be considered or completed.

What are the benefits?

At the end of the programme, you will:

  • Have a clear idea of who you are, what matters to you and who you want to be
  • Be inspired and have belief in your ability to accomplish this – but also the attitude to accept challenges
  • Have the tools and techniques to help you achieve your goal of moving.
  • Be aware of physical and mental tools tailored for you to take action in a pragmatic way
  • Have access to checklists and plans to help ensure you cover everything

You will also be able to share your journey with fellow course participants – to get help from people ahead of you – and to help people behind you on the road. You will have access to the materials to fall back on when you need, allowing you to continue your journey of settlement and embedding.

When and Where?

The programme starts in August and will continue for 6 weeks – although it’s possible you will have the option to choose the pace and duration. There will also be some preparation to do beforehand with a pre-course survey.


Support will be available for you to enhance your experience and the benefits – these are optional. This will include:

  • Recorded videos – videos to really help you understand key topics
  • Live webinars or conference calls (to be decided)
  • Private chat group (Facebook or other to be decided)
  • Comments Page from fellow participants on the course

Where do I find more information or who do I contact?

Contact hello@thewellbeinggym.com with any questions. FAQs will also be available shortly.

What will I learn?

This course will teach you the key stages, what you may go through, and provide tools and checklists so you can prepare and help you succeed – all useful techniques to give you clarity and belief, to inspire you, to teach you how to plan, prioritise and take action. This will help you feel on top of things.

How this course came about

I’ve gone through it – as many have. I think you can learn more from the lived experience of people just ahead of you (advice) complimented by objective information.

Where do I sign up?

The course is here but is not yet open. Please do not register as there is nothing to see.

Meantime, pre-register for the discount here.

The Journey

Topics (and Course Synopsis)

Each phase will be split into topics according to their natural chronological place in YOUR NEXT BIG MOVE. All of the topics are subject to the feedback from potential participants who apply.

The course topics under discussion are in the course synopsis.

• Figuring out what actually makes you happy
• Is it possible or financially viable to move?
• How do I decide what’s best?
• Are my expectations realistic?
• Getting everyone on the same page (and excited!)
• Taking stock of our life to-date
• Talking to people who’ve done it
• Making Commitments
• How do you feel about the move?
• Moving and children.
• Discussing with your kids.
• When are we going to move?
• Moving with non-Irish spouse
• Locking in certainties • When to move
• Emotional Challenges
• Choose a reputable mover
• Finding a Home or Renting
• The Option of Downsizing
• Mortgage and finance
• Setting yourself up in advance, e.g. banks, RSI
• Schools
• Jobs/Networking
• Clean Exit from country
• Superannuation, pension
• Finances & Costs of moving
• Budgets: Sort out your Finance
• Cost in Ireland – insurances
• Transport & Shipping (incl. pets)
• Flights
• Websites and Resources • Logistics & Moving Check lists
• A week before you
• Two days before
• The day before
• The day of
• Who to notify
• Goodbyes
• Hellos
• When you arrive – people
• When you arrive – what you need
• When you arrive – tips for settling
• Checklists to arrange • Furnish your new home
• Where to shop
• Get your Routine
• Keep it simple
• Set some goals
• Make it Easy for yourself

• Inspiration
• New ideas
• Making Ireland a great place to live
• What challenges remain